Austin Bice: Missing Student

Well here’s a situation that hasn’t happened to often over the years I have been here in Madrid.  This particualr case is a first, if I recall correctly.  A 22-year-old exchange student from California (enrolled at San Diego State Univeristy) has gone missing.  In fact, he has been missing for nearly ten days.  He was last seen trying to enter the classic Madrid disco and concert venue La Riviera which is located literally on the banks of the Manzanares River.  Because of his inebriated state, the bouncers wouldn’t let him in so he apparently gave up hope and decided to go home.  That was the last anyone has ever seen of or heard from him.  And that is considering that, at 6′ 4″ and 195lbs.,  he isn’t exactly the type of person who is easily lost.  He disappeared the night of February 26th. 

         As time goes by the situation becomes bleaker.  Not only has he not turned up, but there is no sign of activity from credit cards, internet, etc…anything that would suggest anything other than the worst.

          We can only pray for a miracle and, should that miracle fail to come, at least for some news that would bring some closure to this obviously painful moment for his family and friends.

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