A Sunday Morning 4

I bought my newspaper and crossed the Paseo del Prado over to the CaixaForum just to see what was going over there.   It’s a museum funded by one of Spain’s most importante banks and it often has great exhibits.  Entrance is free, making them even greater.   You as a visitor are lured in fromthe outside, where a the wall of a neighboring building is literally covered with plants, turning it into a vertical garden.  It’s awesome.  I headed inside to see what I would find.

           Well, sure enough, there was something shaking there.  It was an exhibit on the Effect of Cinema.   It was good stuff.  Eight different directors presented short (and not so short) films on different aspects of the illusion of filmmaking.  It was great to get into those dark rooms, sit on the floor and hang out for a while watching something new and different.  I highly reccomend it.  In fact, I am planning on returning because some of the films are long, one is 51 minutes, and the bad thing about going to the CaixaForum on a Sunday morning is thta it gets crowdeeeeed!  Families like taking their kids so they tumble around on the floor.  It’s a perfect place for tumbling, I tell you.  So, by one o’clock, it wasjamming, so I said, “See ya!” and moved on to the Gran Via to get a book I was looking for.  I got it. 

            Then I met up with some friends for a little Sunday aperitivo for a little Sunday enjoyment.

           It was good to take a break from the the usual Sunday.  My daughter Clara said she was bored because she had done the same as always, so I told her that the next time she should come with me!

          All right…time to work on my books…I am almost finished…almost…almost…

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