Sunday Morning 2

Well, that was taken of.   The water felt good.  I like the shower in my new apartment.  It gets just the right temperature and just the right pressure.  I didn’t shave ’cause I felt it was in te calling for the day.  I have a few very, very tentaive plans set up for around lunch time but I think I’ll wait and see how things are going.  The sky looks like rain.  The sky looks like it wants to rain.  So, things may become desperately brief.  I changed th music to the Velvet Underground’s Sweet Jane, an entirely appropriate song for after eleven.   I looked out from my balcony and decided that it would be soon time to start setting up Sunday aperitivos at my place.  I mean, that is partially why I got the flat in the first place.  Now it’s time to head out and find a newspaper.  I think I’ll skip Opencor (the convenience store across the street).  They get enough of my business.  In fact I still have to pick up by new knife I got on shopping points.  Clara says I should get the peeler.  I had my eyes set on the big butcher knife…but I guess it’ll have to be the peeler in the end.   You can’t really go wrong with one anyway, that’s what I always say.  

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