Monday…and not Sunday

Well Monday is pretty much tucked in and out of the way.  What an exhausting way to start the week, but as my daughter Ana says, it is Monday and not Sunday evening.  I like her philosophy.    I slept well, just get enough of it.  But I was glad to wake up and notice my body wasn’t covered with welts from that bloodaholic mosquito.  In fact, I never heard from it again and now I don’t have to walk around the streets fearing someone is going to scream I am carrying some heinous tropical virus.  

             I did get some wirting done, which is not so bad and I also like the fact I can get home and still see the daylight.  Today is the first day of spring.  And yesterday I successfully performed the experiment on my place as a future home for Sunday aperitivos, but I’ll have to tell you all about that some other time.   

             I think I’ll just plant my two guinea pigs on my belly and mull over some ideas before hitting the sack.  See you.        

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