Getting to Know My Hernia 1

I’ve got a hernia and I’m the happiest man alive because at least it’s not a malignant tumor.  That scared the hell out of me at first.  An inexplicable bulge out of nowhere…it’s normal that the first thing that should come to mind is an imminent and assured death.  But from what I gather, it’s just your average and ordinary hernia, which frees me from a serious setback in my future plans, like Easter break, and boy, am I behind schedule this year.  All that waiting and wavering and now I can’t even find a place to park.  But at least I’m not going to be spending it in some subterranean B&B, so that’s good news. 

The minute I learned it was not going to carry me to my grave, I relaxed and sat down to investigate just what having a hernia was all about and I knew just where to look: the Internet.  Many say that this is the last thing to do because you often end up finding yourself lying on a bed with the lights off and promising to God you’ll never look at another internet porn site again if they get you through it.  You know, the old “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”  But I didn’t pay any attention and dove right into the treacherous waters of cyberspace. 

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