Old and Crusty Bread…An Easter Treat

Hey…it wasn’t a bad game last night.  Pretty balanced throughout the evening.  I broke even and that should cover my urges for the next couple of months.  Now I’ve got a big day ahead.   The girls are coming and we’ll be heading out for a few days outside of Madrid, which is horrible timing because up to this point the weather has been great and now a thick stretch of clouds has blanketed the sky.  Tomorrow it’s supposed to get worse and by Friday, possibly our first full day in the country it’s supposed to rain.  I guess we’ll just have to “takes things with philosophy” as they say in Spanish.  On the up side, we won’t be leaving today which is a bonus because most people depart after midday and the highways become culture dishes for potential homicides.   The traffic is simply that bad.  We won’t head out until some time tomorrow afternoon.

            In the meantime, I’ll be getting things ready at home and preparing one of the great Easter time delicacies, torrijas, which somewhat resemble French toast.  I made them once, but that was years ago and, as usual, I forgot to write down the recipe, so I’ll just have to start over.    First thing I’m going to need is some old stale bread…and since my kitchen at times is a shelter for old and stale food, I’m sure I can find some there.  Let’s see…

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