Real Madrid 1 – Torrijas 0

Mixed results last night folks.  Real Madrid took the King’s Cup Tournament by defeating FC Barcelona in the final.   After two matches, that’s one victory for Madrid and one tie.  Last night’s game could have gone either way.  Barcelona as usual owned the ball and moved it pretty well, but Real’s defence did a good job of shutting it down.  In the first half, Madrid had a couple of excellent opportunities and in the second half it was Barça who could have taken the lead easily, had it not been for goalkeeper Iker Casillas (Saint Iker as he is known in Spain).   They went into overtime which was when Crisitano Ronaldo appeared and nailed a header in the net.  Great goal.  The game was a hard fought, not pretty.   It didn’t flow well but that was to be expected.   If you want to beat Barcelona you have to keep it from running the show.   Try playing against them wode open and they will rip you to pieces.  But there were plenty of moments of high quality football because these are high quality teams.   Well, it’s time to move on to the remaining two which form the semi-finals of the Champions League.   This is the real test, because the Champions League is the most coveted trophy of European club soccer.  See what happens.

          On the home front, I made the torrijas and while they had the look of the ones I buy in pastry shops, they fell short of expectations…mine at least.  They were all right…I’d say a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10, but they need some improvement.   Here’s the basic recipe and sidenotes on where I probably went wrong:

         Day old French bread





         Oil oil

         1) First you cut the bread into thick slices.  (Got that right)

         2) The you heat the milk (about a liter) and add plenty of sugar.  (I didn’t heat it or add sugar.  Big mistake.)

        3)  Then you place the slices in a dish and add the warm milk so that it can be soaked up. (I did this but by skipping the previous step, the interior didn’t get the right sweetness.  Plus, I think I put too much milk)

        4) Let sit for an hour.  (Check)

        5) Beat a couple of eggs.   Put slices in them.  (Check)

        6) Fry in olive oil.  (Check)

        7) Remove from frying pan and add sugar and cinnamon.  (More or less)

        8) You can add a lot of things…powdered sugar instead of regular sugar, which was what we did.  Others include:  honey, liquid caramel, maple syrup, etc.

       So….they weren’t bad, probably better today than yesterday, but I’ll keep working on it!


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