Happy Easter

Well I can tell you one thing; thank God I’m back in Madrid for Easter Sunday.  Not there is anything special going on…maybe a minor event or two…and not that millions of children around this land are dancing around celebrating the arrival of fluffy rodent with a pretty basket full of candy, chocolate and eggs.  I tell you, I often skip this holiday with my little students because when I tell them the part about the Easter bunny, they get al excited and there is always one who realizes that such a tradition has never been observed in his home so he asks, “When is he coming to my house?”    

       And I have to say to him, “Never, kid.  Never.”   Just can’t do it.

      No, what really makes me happy is that we are not on the road trying to get to Madrid with the least hassle possible…and that ain’t easy.  This is one of the worst traveling days in the entire year.  The return from Semana Santa was even noticeable yesterday evening on our way back from a town in Cuenca caled Cuevas de Velasco.  It is quite possible that this is the first written account in English about this town…and of not, my bet the first mention of it by an American.  Maybe not, maybe not, my friends…but that’s my guess.  It’s perched up on the ledge of a flat-topped hill in the Alcarria region of Spain.  I like the town.  But I’ll tell you about it later!!

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