San Isidro: Bullfighting

All of things happen during the San Isidro fiestas, but none gain as much notoriety as the bullfighting tournament which takes place in the legendary Las Ventas bullring.  This is the peek moment of the bulfighting season where the matadors wish the prove their worth in front of the toughest crowd in the circuit.  If you want to become a famous toreador, you have to make it big here, otherwise no one will take you seriously.   Today, in theory, I was going to try and get some tickets for me and my friends, but I got caught behind schedule and missed out.  In fact, it was my job to get them.  My bad.  I guess I can always watch it on TV, though it’s not quite the same. 

         Now, many foreigners come to Spain with a bullfight inserted into the itinerary as if they were going to visit a museum or see a Broadway musical.   This kind of strikes me as odd, because although there is no doubt an allure surrounding this classic tradition, it still entails some pretty shakey moral habits from a 21st-Century perspective. 

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