It’s July 2nd

Ok, in  the end I didn’t do anything…by that I mean go out and explore.  I got invited over by my best friend to watch the Wimbledon semifinal and have dinner, and it was a very nice evening but it drained all the energy our of me, so I gave up and headed home to bed.  Just as well, I figure, I needed some rest after running around all week. 

     I did get lucky yesterday and find out I made €7.97 on the Euromillon lottery last Tuesday, an earning somewhat shy of the 132 million jackpot destined for the firs place winner, but luckily for me, no one else got their hands on that pile, so I still have a chance.  Or had one rather, because the drwing was last night.  Of the €7.97, I took four and bought two bets and stashed the rest in a plastic tupperware container designed to hold all my lottery ticket income for the year 2011, which to date happens to be the very same amount.  But you have to start somewhere.  As I once told you, I like to wait a few days before looking just to enjoy the thought that I am multi-millionaire and am still the everyday likable person they all know me as.    Let me check now. 

     Zilch on the Euro Millions, so that sucks.  But the jackpot is still there, so that’s encouraging.  It’s up to €172 million for Tuesday (boy it would be great to get to hump day and tell my boss I don’t think I’ll be coming in any more).   Now let me go to the ONCE Friday lottery which offers a measley €9 million.  Nope.  Nothing.  I’ve been fairly faithful to that lottery over the years, ONCE is the national organization for the blind, so some of the proceeds go towards the visually handicapped, which at least makes me feel better about myself.  They have little to fatten my wallet, but I still give them a chance and help out in that way.  They can have all my betting money for all I am concerned.

       I guess I have little else to do but be a desperate artist for a few more days.  Maybe there is an outlet there.  You can all stop laughing now.

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