The Desperate Artist: The Caixaforum

You can always go home after the naval museum.  That’s always a possibility.  You can always move on somewhere else.  But since I was in the downtown and willing to stay there, I strolled over to the Caixaforum to see what kind of exhibit they had there.  There always is something worht seeing, almost always at least, and if there ever was a day when there wasn’t at least you can enjoy walking up those polished stainless steel metal stairs.  You feel as if you are entering a B-29 bomber.  I’ve never been in one but I can picture it.

      I have mentioned the Caixaforum before, and talked about its plush wall of plants outside the entrance.  It’s one of my favorite museums in Madrid.  There was an exhibit about Soviet architecture between the years 1920 and 1935 before the Stalin repression period.  I never though looking at pictures of communist Russia would make me feel so free.  If you like architecture but don’t really know anything about it, you can still appreciate the the exposition.  And if you like history, even more so.

      I was there for an hour or so and then left feeling very hungry.  I decided to grab a bite in a legendary place at the Plaza de Carlos V next to the Atocha train station.  It was El Brillante and it specializes, among other things, in its calamari sandwich.  Breaded squid subs may sound as appealing as cracker filled tacos but I can assure you it is a small and unknown delicacy in the world of small and unknown things…in the world of small and everyday living…in the living…everyday.  I had a few things I wanted to get done, but El Brillante kind of stopped time. 


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