The Desperate Artist: The Temple of Debod

The reason why I had never gone to the Temple of Debod was that it was Egyptian.  That was it.  It took me years to figure that one out, but that was the real reason, I tell you.  You just don’t go to Madrid to see a stone temple that should have been standing somewhere along the Nile.   And then eventually over the years, it kind of disappeared from my agenda.  Then my friend Aitor told me that we should meet there that very evening after I had returned from the country.  I thought he had been following my guide to Madrid but it turned out he hadn’t…so I attributed it to fate as usual.   I have to admit that I was hoping that one of the young ladies I had met at the bar the other night would have made that proposal before, but I hadn’t heard from them yet, and I figured I wouldn’t ever if I hadn’t by now.  I guess I could have called them and asked, but that would have been cheating, as I would have been dictating fate.  So, I attributed it to fate, as usual. 

       The Temple is an outstanding place to visit, believe it or not.  So much so I almost have to apologise to everyone for not having bothered to see it earlier…much earlier…in the history of the universe.  And at evening time, and in summertime, and on a summer evening, it can reach its maximum splendor, I tell you.  I say this of course, based on just one visit which happened to be at that very time…but some astute thinking makes me convinced that I am right. 

       The Temple itself is impressive and much larger than I expected.  I didn’t get a chance to go inside because it closes at 8:00.  So I will have to return some other time.  It nearly stands on a soft pool of water and is gently illuminated.  Here a murder occurred.  I had read somewhere.  What a horrible and stunning place to commit a homicide! 

       The Temple is surrounded by a little but pretty park and on the far end you can get some of the best views of Madrid.  We didn’t get there until about 10:30 when the sun had long gone down.  Still a few crimson and bloody orange gave the mountains to the west a decent end of the day corona.  On the foreground you had the Casa del Campo and the distant cheerful lights of the Amusement Park dancing in the near dark.  To the left you have the royal palace, the cathedral of the Almudena and the Church of the San Francisco el Grande.   I had no idea there was so much to enjoy here.  Plenty of visitors from Spain and abroad strolled around or sat in the grass and picnicked, or just hung out and enjoyed the warm evening.  The warm evening which got warmer as the hours passed. 

       Don’t be a numbskull like me.  Don’t wait twenty years to see this place.  Don’t. 

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