The Desperate Artist (August 1)

Well, we’re off…and never a better moment.  It took us til three in the morning to fall asleep.  I’ve got a lot done.  Got my passport.  The Embassy has redeemed itself more or less, so that’s good.  I’ll tell you about that at some point.  But, as I said, we’re to cooler spots.  It’s a tradition people in Madrid have observed for centuries…be it Aranjuez, Segovia, even nearby Carabanchel….there has always been a need to escape…and today is going to be a blister.   Just hope everything fits in the car!

    I’m still Twitterless at the moment.  I’ve signed up for just about everything under the sun…just not that…but I am sure I will succumb to its charms…

     See you whenever I see you…be it soon…be you soon…be you it…it be you…whenever.

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