Madrid: More of the same, but even hotter

The heat just won’t go away.  It did for a few hours last night, actually, but then in came back.  I’ve taken the afternoon off for a few breaks and am trying my best to concentrate on a few bits of work I have to do but it’s not that easy.  I’ve got the guinea pigs in front of the electric fan to cool them off and their hair has fluffed up so high they look like they belong to a group that sings soul music.  I’m not really sure if they like it, but they must because I can’t imagine having that much fur and feeling good.  I’ve got just a little evening stubble and I’d almost enjoy being decapitated for a few hours.  And it’s Friday evening August 19th and Madrid should be empty, but instead there are about a million young people in the center of town.   It’s just one of those evenings where and when very little makes sense to me.  Maybe I’ll wander out and try to find some…

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