ISBN in the Oven

I filled out my ISBN forms duly.  There really isn’t much to them.  They ask for the basics and I give them the basics.  I did get a little stick on the specifics of the layout and design because I almost had to make them up.  I don’t know why they insist on our knowing them.  I could always send them to the agency at a later date.  But if that was what they asked for, that was what they got.  Plus my publishing company data…also just me….though I stuck in the name Horseneck (the original name for my hometown of Greenwich) just to see what happens. 

       I did the same for all four forms, two for each book it its two different forms, digital and printed.  And then I sent them all off with my Spanish national ID card via email.  On August 31st, just in case.  A few minutes later, four silent replies came verifying that my applications had been received.  And since then, nothing.  But they said it would take about two weeks.  So, it’s back to work on the final editing so everything will look spotless when those numbers come in!

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