Sexy Galician Women From Redondela

Of course, this should raise some eyebrows from certain sectors of my readership…but please allow me to explain.

     Every once in a while, say three times a day, I sneak into my website statistics just to keep an eye and study the progress of the page and learn a little more about my fanbase.  It’s not thta it varies greatly in any way, but I just enjoy looking at statistics as a hobby.  I like to look at where they are from, when they visit, and why they shouldn’t be doing something more productive in their lives.  I love the section where they tell the origin of many of the visitors with the little flags next to each country. 

      A little further down, they even inform you of key words and phrases people use to search me or requests that lead others to my page.  Most are pretty straight forward, like my name, but today I noticed  one that came through the keyphrase “gallegas sexys redondela”, which means “Sexy Galician Women Redondela”.  Naturally I was intrigued by how such a request could lead someone to think they could find female comfort on one of my posts.  Redondela possibly, from when I wrote about doing the Camino de Santiago last year and passed through there, but I don’t recall getting together with any hot chicks to recite a rosary.  What was that all about?  I raced to Google and typed it all in.  And what do you know, up came my page in slot number 8.  The top ten!  In other words, if you’re looking for some babes to hook up with in small towns in northwest Spain, you know who to call…your Uncle Brian.  He’ll set you up, oh yeah. 


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