Holy Week in Madrid 1

So, when I am not trying to figure out why the stock market goes down when the Fed says that things are going well enough to pass over another stimulus plan; when I am not trying to get rid of the taste of the moldy bread I bit into this afternoon; I think about what I am going to do the rest of the week and it looks like I’ll be watching dozens of men with pointed hoods as they parade through the streets of Madrid.

       Yeap, you guessed it.  It’s Holy Week, and the only season and place where dressing up like a person who enjoys lynching on weekends is both respected and even revered.  This is the time for the great Holy Week religious processions, world famous in many cities in Andalucía and even up north in Castilla y León.  Heck, all over the place. Madridis little known for its procession but there are actually twelve of them scheduled for the next four days, so the streets of the old town should be pretty congested with lookalikes of a medieval executioners’ convention looking gloomy over the next couple of days.

        Many of these solemn events are enjoying a comeback in popularity and since I have never been in Madrid at this time of year, except for when I was about twenty and had nowhere else to go, I figure this is just about as good a time as any to see what’s up.

      Maybe a little rest would do first.

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