Holy Week in Madrid 3

While back in the States, Catholics are begging for crucifixion in Nazi-style chant (please read the former post for a little context), here things look pretty gloomy too.

      Any good Semana Santa requires a solid dose of rainfall.  It kind of goes with the territory.  Every year, the television cameras send images to the universe of sour-faced onlookers and frustrated processioners as they hope for a change in the weather.  It rarely occurs.  So common is the dampness that I can’t really understand why everyone is so surprised.

       This year is no exception.  The atmosphere has withheld any precipitation for the past six months in anticipation of this week and, God bless it, it has come through in the clutch.  I feel this is all right as long as it doesn’t start pouring during this evening’s event.  It’s my first real procession here inMadridand I don’t want it to get washed out.  The thing is, it is.  And it won’t stop.

       I am eyeing the national weather service’s prediction and they keep saying there will be a intervals of sun throughout the afternoon and evening, But I’ve got to tell you, I keep thinking that these guys don’t stick their heads out the window enough.

       Tonight’s showcase, by the way, starts at the Church of the Virgin of Carmen andSt. Louis, in the Calle Carmen, right in the very heart of Madrid.

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