Renewing my driver’s license: It is done

We’ll it took all of three weeks at the most for my new driver’s license to come in the mail.  And with that the process was complete.  That certainly says a lot in favor of Spanish red tape.  There simply was none, or very little, and it could not have been more painless.  Save the 54€ of course, which always comes at a time when you least appreciate it.

      Anyhow, I opened the envelope and studied the card.  I looked horrible in the photo.  I mean godawful.  I had an instant urge to fly into a rampage a lo Mel Gibson calling everyone whores and jackasses.

     The woman at the clinic did say it was time for a photo because, in her words, “ten years had passed”, and God bless her, she managed to capture effects of the elapsed time in a single blurry shot.  I looked as if I had moved on.  I looked a touch more worn down.  I looked as if I were up for parole.  We’ll see what the next ten years of driving should bring.  I feel there is so much ground yet to cover.  I’ll just need a car and a ton of money for gas.

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