Images of Spain: The Common House

     Just a few years ago, people would do just about anything to have their own home, even if they couldn’t afford one.  Banks blithely meted out cash to the cashless and everyone was happy.  And landowoners would erect buildings just about any place they could.  This one is pieced together on a strip of land so narrow, it challenges the imagination.  My guess is that the owner inherited the property, could not think of what to do with it, and decided in the end to build a home for people who like to walk sideways.  This is not the narrowest home in the world.  I think that’s up in Norway or some place like that, and it belongs to an elf, but if the objects around this structure serve to give you an idea of its tiny dimensions, just look at the width of the pickup parked in front.   Oh well, as long as the owner stays away from the chorizo and cañas he should be all right.  At least he has a place to live…which is something more and more Spaniards are struggling to keep.

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