About Brian Murdock

Brian was born in New York in 1967 but grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut.  He went to college at the University of Richmond (Virginia) where he studied Spanish and History and also made his first trip to Madrid, Spain.  He returned to Madrid in 1991 “to see what would happen” and has been living there ever since.  He currently works as a teacher at a bilingual school in the capital.  He has two daughters, Ana and Clara. 

Brian has enjoyed writing since he was a child and has explored different styles and forms over the years.  He has published two books on Spain and Spanish wine, but he also writes a great deal of fiction and personal travel works.  We writes both in English and Spanish.   He constantly searches for new forms of expression.

4 thoughts on “About Brian Murdock”

  1. Bri -Love it – your journal -want/hope to see it published it realbook form{not kindle/nook etc} with water color, or guaches of the special sites along the trail. You should have met Mr. Twain – had really no idea what fabulous wit, mind and person he was. You must go the Missiissippi River next visit home. A stone boat won’t do on it either, though. congratultions

  2. asi que te pasas el dia buscando nuevas formas de expresión, pues tienes pá rato, chaval.
    como ves ya me he metido en tu página, asi que preparate a recibir unos cuantos comentarios de lo que pones aqui.
    buena semana y un abrazo

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