Yes, folks, they are just that good

Fine, I have to admit it.   FC Barcelona won the Champions’ League Final fair and square.  They looked great.  Outstanding.  Manchester United did all right for the firt half, but Barcelona slowly but surely took over and by the second half, it turned into a one-sided event.   The bad side of me pulled for Manchester for a while, but eventually my admiration for Barça’s game got the best of me.  There really is no comparison.  In fact, if anything, last night’s performance all but confirmed that we are before one of the greatest teams in the history of the game.  I won’t go as far as to say the greatest because I think that is simply too difficult to claim, but certainly a serious candidate and in my opinion easily in the top three.  There are great soccer teams out there, and then there is Barcelona at a completely different atmospheric level.   And a person gets to see that first hand, it makes it that much more special.  Like watching Secretariat win the Triple Crown by 3o something lengths in the Belmont or Woods take the Masters by twelve strokes.  Such is the difference.   A sincere congratulations to Barcelona from a diehard Real Madrid fan.