Cuevas de Velasco II

Basically what you do is carry on down the down until you get to a turnoff which leads you up to the town above you.  The road is fairly steep, and after crawling around the first hairpin turn, you have to reduce to first gear and finish the ascent at the low speed to the top.  Then it dips again, skirts by the old stone clothes washing pool, and up another street and pinch between to building corners to the town fountain and square where you pass the Town Hall and the bar.  They are both the same place.  We were going to stay at a home which housed the inquisition some time back, which doesn’t add a lot of comfort to our lodgings, but does make for a nifty historical sidenote before entering.  Just outside the old stone house, just outside the very door, would have been a perfect place to park the car but, unfortunately, the place was taken up by dozen bikes left on their sides carelessly on the curb of the lonely street.  Two of the children (actually they were twins) were celebrating their birthday and the whole gang was there to join in on the festivities. 

      What a marvelous sight!  How often do you get a chance to see that anymore?  Just a group of kids between the ages of 8 and 14 sharing a common plan.  Not in Madrid, I can promise you that.  Not in that way, at least.  I immediately knew that I was in a special place.