Worthless Thought 1

Jeeze if I had only known.  Right there on my website, at the bottom of one of my posts was an ad for jobs in Spain.  Not just a few jobs, but thousands of them!  Where had they been hiding all these months (excuse me, years) as the unemployment rate soared to over 20%, the highest in the European Union?  In my own backyard!  And not any ordinary jobs, but those offering 80k and up.   Spain’s per capita income averages around $30,000 (in the U.S. it’s somewhere in the neighborhood of $45,000), so boy that offer looks enticing.   All I have to do is get those thousands over to my page and we’ll go from there! 

       Yeah, right!

       Can’t even tell you what jobs they offer, ‘cause that would be cheating on my Google Ad contract!  Oh well, blogging can be the cruellest stuff.