Gimme a chance…and a good hand

Well, there’s no such thing as being on vacation in my book.  Easter Break started here five days ago and I’m exhausted.  I did get a film or two in on the TV but other than that, it’s been nonstop doing all those things I couldn’t get done when I’m working.  I’ve been to funerals, dinner parties, the hospital, IKEA.  I’ve had a sonogram, written a book, started a play, read half the history of Madrid, played with my daughters’ guinea pigs, watched Real Madrid, spent hours assembling a table, and even taken a few shots of sockball, a local, very local, game.  A now I’m off to a poker game.  It being Holy Week and all, sounds like a perfect time for gambling.  I can’t tell you where it will be because you can’t play cards for money in a bar in Spain.  You can drink, smoke, play slot machines and hit on women…but you can’t gamble. 

The last time I went I got fleeced at Texas Hold’em.  Do you know what it’s like to take a beating at poker from a bunch of Spaniards?  That’s our game!  I’m supposed to be the local expert.  That’s partly because I don’t like Texas Hold’em ‘cause I think there’s something suspicious about it.  But there is plenty to tell…So, I’ll get it out to you.